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Scout Troop 228 / Boy Scouts

Welcome to Pack 228

Will resume here at HLC's through the end of December


About Our Troop

Troop 228 is part of the Trailblazer District (formerly the Gunpowder Creek District) of the Dan Beard Council which includes parts of southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, more commonly known as the "Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area". We are chartered to the Hebron Lutheran Church, located at 3140 Limaburg Road in Hebron, Kentucky.  You can find out more about the history of our troop, and of the Northern Kentucky area at our history page.

Through the years, our meeting schedule at HLC has changed countless times, but we currently hold troop meetings (almost) every Monday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  Troop 228 follows the slogan "no school, no Scouts".  This means that if Boone County Schools are cancelled on a Monday, the Troop meeting is (usually) cancelled as well. If the weather gets bad after school hours, the Scoutmaster makes a decision, and all Troop members are notified via the patrol phone tree.

All boys need to own a copy of The Scout Handbook and at least a Scout uniform shirt and neckerchief. Special activities such as flag ceremonies also require other parts of the uniform:  pants, hat, and socks.  Because these uniforms are made to be virtually indestructible, they can also be fairly expensive.  Over the years, our troop has collected many uniform parts and they are available to our members for discounted prices or exchange.  We have also learned over the years that it can be difficult when deciding on an equipment purchase.  Even something as simple as a magnetic compass has a small but important feature that may not be available on every model.  Before purchasing any equipment please contact the Scoutmaster or one of the assistants on what type of equipment to purchase and where to get the best quality for the price. Pocket knives are very useful but only allowed if the Scout has been given the proper instructions for safe use.  Sheath knives are not permitted unless they are beneficial to the event (such as fishing) and pre-approval has been granted by the Scoutmaster.

Joining Our Troop

In order to join, a youth must be in at least the 1st grade or be at least 7 years old.  The Pack is divided into dens of 4-8 boys according to their age.  The book and uniform your son will need depends upon which den he enters.  Boys who are in the 1st grade (or 7 years old) enter into a Tiger Cub den.  Boys in the 2nd or 3rd grade (or ages 8 or 9) enter into a Cub Scout den and work on the ranks Bobcat, Wolf and Bear.  Boys in the 4th or 5th grade (or age 10) enter into a Webelos den, and work on the Webelos rank or the Arrow of Light Award.  Boys who have completed the 5th grade, or are 11 years old years old can join Boy Scout Troop 228.
Every year, the Cub Scouts have a recruitment drive to get new members for their dens. This is typically done in the fall as the Cub Scout program follows the school year. Some Webelos dens will continue meeting through the summer, preparing the boys for their transition into the Boy Scout Troop.  Whatever the schedule, each Den will welcome new members at any time they are actively meeting. More information on the Cub Scouting program is available on the Pack’s website

Each spring as the school year draws to a close the older Cub Scouts graduate into the Boy Scout program. The crossover of Webelos into our Troop is when most of our boys get started in the Troop.  However, because we meet year round, we are always ready to accept new members throughout the year.  In order to join a Boy Scout Troop, a youth must be 11 years old or completed the 5th grade or earned the Arrow of Light award.  If you meet these requirements, and are interested in joining our troop please contact us. Though Scouting follows basic Christian principles, no preferences are given to a specific denomination.  Because of this, although our Troop is based out of a Lutheran Church, we welcome members of other denominations to join in the program with us.

We thank you for your interest in our Troop and hope to hear from you.  Even if you don't join our troop, we hope that you become involved in a Troop near you, and that your days in Scouting are memorable and rewarding. As members of our Troop say, "Some Scouting is better than no Scouting!"  Come and enjoy the adventure!

Boy Scouts Of America
Pack 228
Hebron, Kentucky

In the Trailblazer District
of the Dan Beard Council
Cincinnati, Ohio