Sunday Morning Worship

9:00 a.m. Traditional Service
9:00 & 11:00 a.m. Children's Church
for ages K - 5th grade

11:00 a.m. Modern Service
Vision Statement
The people of Hebron Lutheran Church
extend God's love to one another and invite every person in our community to walk with Christ as devoted followers.

Sunday Morning Classes

All adults are welcome and encouraged to participate in the following learning opportunities every week.
Sunday 8:15 a.m.: The Friendship Class—Augsburg Bible study lessons—led by Paul Hogan (859-689-7414).
The class meets upstairs in the last classroom on the right (Room 205).


Sundays, at 10:15 a.m.:  Women’s Bible Study - led by Debbie Kloos/Deanna Parobeck.  The class will meet upstairs in the last classroom on the right (Room 202).


Sunday 10:15 a.m.:  Tough Questions – Biblical Answers – We certainly live in turbulent times and many things in our current

culture are difficult to process and understand.  There are topics that seem to dominate the conversation both in and out of the church.

Societal pressures place Christians in a quandary to either hold firm in biblical beliefs or concede and conform to cultural pleas for affirmation. In this class we will look at a topic each week that is a hot button issue.  We will look at various viewpoints of the debate to
gain a greater understanding of the subject.  Finally, we will search the Scripture to provide biblical answers to these tough questions.
This class is for individuals who sincerely seek the truth, which is found in God’s Word, and to share that truth in a loving and respectful way. 
The class is led by Rick Kloos and is available to anyone who would like to attend.  The class meets upstairs in the last classroom on the left, Room 205.  We hope you will join us for study and fellowship this fall.