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Spiritual Health Assessment

 What is a Spiritual Health Assessment?  Download a PDF Form

We all know the importance and benefit of regular physical exams by physicians.  They can reveal health concerns or document progress toward treating a particular condition.  Yet, how often do we take the time to evaluate how we’re doing spiritually?

Our spiritual life is designed by God to be an intentional, life-long journey.  How we are led and sustained by the Holy Spirit is different for each person because each of us is gifted with a unique purpose by God.  Growth of our bodies can be measured – height, weight, age, etc.  But spiritual growth can be hard to determine, because shifts are subtle, highly specialized and a product of both life stage and faith stage.  The important thing is from the moment we are baptized – we are sent on a spiritual journey.  There is no comparable journey such as this anywhere on this earth.  Just as our bodies grow and change, so does our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and His church.

Like with any journey, we should take time to stop and orient ourselves – to check that we are heading in the right direction.  A Spiritual Health Assessment is one instrument that we can use to give us our location as we seek to move closer to Jesus on this journey.

But we know that just knowing our location is only part of the journey.  We also are called by God to love Him and those around us and to grow His church.  The Spiritual Health Assessment then – is a wonderful opportunity to find out where we are spiritually and the next steps we should take to move forward in faith as active disciples of Jesus.

Everyone at HLC should complete a Spiritual Health Assessment.  Why?  So we can celebrate your personal mission in the grace of God and so you can take deliberate next steps on your journey with Jesus.

The Spiritual Health Assessment is a two-page series of questions grouped by the marks of discipleship: Prayer, Worship. Service, Relationships, Giving, Bible Study, and Evangelism.  The last section has questions about general qualities of your faith walk to make this a comprehensive assessment.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will be guided to transfer your score in each area of discipleship to a Spiritual Health Plan worksheet.   At that point, you and a spiritual partner of your choosing will begin to discuss, dialog and decide on the next steps God is leading you to take.