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9:00 a.m. Traditional Service
9:00 & 11:00 a.m. Kids' Church
for ages K - 5th grade

11:00 a.m. Modern Service
Vision Statement
The people of Hebron Lutheran Church
extend God's love to one another and invite every person in our community to walk with Christ as devoted followers.

Hebron Lutheran Church Foundation

In God and For God
Your Fruits,
and Sweeten
Deepen Your Roots

Gifts That Give Forever
The Hebron Lutheran Church Foundation

Our Purpose
The Hebron Lutheran Church Foundation receives gifts, bequests and donations of money, stock, insurance and other property, and then invests these gifts as perpetual principal.  It uses only the interest proceeds each year for special charitable, educational, and enrichment projects in the church and the community.
Our Promise
All donations to the Hebron Lutheran Church Foundation will be invested as principal, and only the interest derived will be used to fund special educational and enrichment projects in the church or community to further the mission of Hebron Lutheran Church.
What are some ways I Can Make A Tax Deductible Gift to the Foundation?
  • Memorials For Loved Ones
  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Insurance Policies
  • Living Trusts and Annuities
  • Property   

How is the HLC Foundation Organized?
The Foundation is an extension of the Hebron Lutheran Church.  Everyone who is an active, voting member of HLC is automatically a voting member of the Foundation also.  Decision making in matters of Foundation business, including approval of grant requests, budgets, and the election of officers rests entirely with the congregation members.  At the annual meeting each year, the voting members elect Board members, approve the budget, and transact any other Foundation business.  A Board of Directors oversees the regular business in between Annual Meetings, including investments, soliciting grand proposals, and preparing the proposed budget of grant expenditures.
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."  (Hebrews 13.8)
A gift to the HLC Foundation serves like Christ...forever!  It literally "keeps on giving!"
How Has the HLC Foundation Helped the Church's Life and Mission For God?  Since it's beginning in 1989, the Hebron Lutheran Foundation has provided many thousands of dollars of support to the church for charitable, educational, and enrichment projects, including:
  • Thousands in direct assistance for needy people, including rent, medicine, food, utilities and other assistance.
  • Camperships to send financially challenged kids to summer church camp.
  • Mission Trip assistance for youth mission trips.
  • Sanctuary sound, lighting, projection and musical equipment to enhance worship.
  • Quilting supplies for tie quilts to help victims of natural disaster around the world.
  • Vacation Bible School outreach and supplies support.
  • Alpha Class startup funds, AND MUCH MORE!

For More Information on the HLC Foundation, Contact:
  • Larry Benne, President:  859-689-7792
  • Ray Brake, Board Member:  513-205-8807
  • Pam Goetting, Treasurer:  859-586-7881
  • Brenda Hopperton, Secretary:  859-620-3847
  • Bill Jarvi, Board Member:  859-803-2669
  • Jim Riddell, Vice President:  859-689-4057
  • Pastor Stoops, Board Member:  859-689-7590